Hospitality: Success in food and beverage service

 Success in food and beverage service 

Today more people than ever are eating outside the home and to meet this demand there is increasing diversity in the nature and type of food and beverages on offer. 

Because of the expansion of the industry and increasing requirements for improved professionalism in food and beverage service staff, there is even greater need for people to make their careers in this noble profession. 

In addition, there is a need for improved confidence and performance of staff, through higher standards of knowledge and skills.

Food and beverage service is the essential link between customers and the menu, beverages and other services on offer in an establishment.

 The server is the main point of contact between the customers and the establishment and plays an important role in a profession with increasing national and international status. The skills and knowledge of food and beverage service, and therefore careers, are transferable between establishments, sectors and throughout the world.

To be successful in food and beverage service requires members of staff to have:

  •  sound product knowledge  well-developed interpersonal skills
  •   A range of technical skills.
  •  The ability to work as part of a team.

Working in food and beverage service offers a wealth of opportunity for professional  development and advancement – for those committed to the hospitality industry and to working in food and beverage service, a fulfilling, exciting and enjoyable career awaits.

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