Binnaparlour fast food Introduces Breadstick

           Binnaparlour fast food Italian Breadstick Introduction

Breadsticks are the famous strands of crispy and elongated bread dough of Turin origin. Recognized and enjoyed all over the world, they are one of the most popular Italian product just like the pizza we all know about.

It's said that breadsticks were invented in Turin in the first half of the 1600s: in fact, they take their name from "gherssa", a typical Piedmontese bread with a shape similar to a French baguette.

Breadstick Binnaparlour

The story goes that a doctor at the time recommended that the son of the Duke of Savoy, who suffered from intestinal disorders, stop eating poorly baked bread (and thus the soft inside of the bread) and eat only the crunchy stretched breadsticks. Eating these delicious elongated breadsticks, initially a privilege for the nobles only, soon spread to the entire population!

Just a few of Fast food in Africa that can proudly say they are really Italian in Nature.

 But Binnaparlour is innovating everyday to improve the customer generosity and services with the introduction of FREE ITALIAN BREADSTICK customers can be proud of having a good taste of Italian Breadstick without paying for it.

Binnaparlour is the number one fast food chain in Ghana with the best menu for Italian Pizza with free Breadstick.

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