How to Make Nkwobi with Cow Leg

 Nkwobi is a traditional eastern Nigerian delicacy which  is prepared with cooked cow foot(popularly known as ”cow leg”), palm oil  and a mix spices.

Here is the process for preparation of Nkwobi

 Nkwobi Ingredients 

– 1kg cow foot (cut into bite-able sizes)

– 100ml Palm Oil

– 1 teaspoon ground  Calabash Nutmeg (Ehu /ehuru seeds)

– 1 teaspoon ground edible potash (Akanwu/Kaun)

– 2 tablespoons ground crayfish

– Ground Scotch bonnet/atarado peppers or ground dried pepper (to taste)

– 1 medium onion for cooking the cow foot

– 2  stock cubes

– Salt to taste

For  garnishing the Nkwobi, you need :

– 1 medium onion bulb (cut into rings)

– 5 Utazi leaves (you can make use of spinach or washed bitter leaf as an alternative)

Binnaparlour Nkwobi with Club Beer

Binnaparlour Nkwobi

Nkwobi cooking directions

a. If you haven’t done this already, de-hoof(remove the hoof of) the cow foot, cut the meat into bite size chunks, and wash thoroughly.

1. Place the cow foot pieces into a pot, pour in a little water, just enough to cook the meat. Add chopped onions, stock cubes and any meat spice of choice, and leave to cook until done.

2.  While the meat is cooking, pound the potash into powder and add a little water in it to dissolve it. Stir continuously,strain it with a sieve, and set the potash liquid aside  for later use.

If you’ll rather make use of the meat stock, then mix the powdered potash with a little of the stock left after cooking the meat.

3. Pour the red palm oil into a clean pot , and add the potash liquid into the oil .Stir the mixture continuously until the  red palm oil begins to thicken and changes from red to yellow.

4. Now add the  ground pepper, ground crayfish , ground ehuru and a little stock cube.Stir all this ingredients into the oil .

5. Next, add the cooked cow foot into the palm oil mixture and mix thoroughly , until you get all the meat covered in the oil.

6. Place the pot on heat and simmer . Stir continuously to prevent burning and put of the heat , when the meat is well  heated. You’ll notice the palm oil gravy, bubbling in the pot.

7. Now transfer  the meat into a plate or the small traditional wooden mortar… if you don’t have the mortar,you can make use of brown ceramic bowls to get the traditional effect.

8. And finally, garnish with the sliced onion rings and thinly sliced Utazi or spinach leaves

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  1. Awesome recipe. Will definitely try it out.thanks binnapalour

  2. You are welcome.Try it yourself